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Resterà aperta fino a domenica 25 novembre, la mostra a Londra Modern Panic

all’ Archive Gallery The Rose Lipman Building, dove verrà proiettato

il mio Video Scratch in due atti.   Non perdete l’ evento.. .da Panico!

Di seguito: i link  sull’evento. il sito dove sono presentati gli artisti e le opere partecipanti.

Concept The Modern Panic exhibitions are inspired by the work of the original Panic Movement, which was comprised of artists Alejandro Jodorowsky, Fernando Arrabal and Roland Topor, who created provocative live arts events in France during 1960s. The works intended aim was to slice through the bourgeois art world with the aim to be a catalyst towards liberation of thought within the viewer.  Modern Panic follows in the footsteps of this movement and exhibits the new wave of panic artists.

Modern Panic, an annual exhibition of surreal, controversial and provocative art curated by Guerilla Zoo founder James Elphick, is reincarnated in 2018 for Modern Panic IX. Bringing together over 70 visual artists and live art practitioners offering a commentary on our chaotic contemporary world and the darker reaches of human nature with works that shock, disturb and confront.


​Nikoo Bafti | Anthony Bennett | Aiyla Beau Baharak | Simon Brewster | Liz Buckfield Sherlaine Callender | Chris Campbell | Jixuan Chen Gemma Costin | Dr D aka Subvertiser dEmAnD tHe ImPoSsIbLe | Divine Chaos Art Jeromie L. Dorrance | Drakula Approved | DT500mag DYSPLA | Ella Guru | Gelidelune | Mia-Jane Harris ​Luke Francis Haseler | Ben Hopper | Evelyn Jean Julie Light | Qixuan Lim | Jimmy Kim | Rebecca Mason Seamus Moran | Liam Brandon Murray Muazma Mushtaq | Dominic Negus | Neo Fung Brendan O’Neill | Francesco Orazzini | Clara Payas Pei Ling Ho | Gianluca Pisano | Patrick Rowan Elina Rudzite & Black Storm Films Lara and Costanza Savarese | Marc Savior John Sharp | ​Jas Singh | Matthew Stradling Greg Wilcox | Mira Yankova | Vort Man

Live Art :

Linda Anne, Jasmine Dhingra and Courtney Laine Black Arrows | Beatrix Carlotta Philip Bedwell | Snake Fervor and Ian the Bloody Poet Miss Hernia | Victoria Karlsson Aepril Schaile | Austin Sherlaw-Johnson Syban | Benjamin Turc Jylle Navarro & Neon Naked Life Drawing | Natalie Wearden

OPEN TO PUBLIC SAT 17TH – SUN 25TH NOVEMBER 2018 11am – 7pm Archive Gallery, The Rose Lipman Building 43 De Beauvoir Road, London N1 5SQ

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